The Tobago holiday guide. Written by tourists for tourists.

Tobago - the real Caribbean

This tiny Caribbean island not far from the South American coast is a hidden gem - unspoilt and undeveloped but with all the home comforts you need on top of a tropical paradise.

Browse our select Tobago villas, hotels, apartments and B&Bs, and our flight information to be able to book everything you need yourself at the click of a button. You can tailor make your own Tobago holiday. This is a beautiful, tiny, unspoilt Caribbean island with quality accommodations run by reliable and efficient people.

Our Tobago site is designed for you to be able to browse in your lunch hour, to give you a colourful snapshot of the island if you're considering going for a holiday. We are paying tourists ourselves, and when we go to Tobago, we always book our own flights and accommodation, and give you info here to enable you to do the same so you can tailor make your holiday to suit you. We even guide you on what to pack...


Tobago is superb value for money for family holidays, weddings, honeymoons and for a quiet getaway from the stresses of the office. There are multiple accommodation options, but no high rise hotel blocks. You can choose a relaxing hotel, a luxury villa, an apartment, or friendly B&B. Because the island is so narrow, you are never far from the sea and may even select an accommodation yards from the shoreline.

Tobago is cheaper and safer than Barbados and Jamaica. We think the people are friendlier too. We work with the Tobago tourist authorities to tell people about this beautiful island. If you go, we know you'll love it. Just as we do. 

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Pigeon Point Tobago

Tobago people

Tobago is a beautiful, unspoilt island that hasn't been ruined by commercialism. The Tobagonians are a kind, shy and friendly people, and fiercely proud of their island.

We've been going to Tobago for over 20 years and we still haven't seen and done it all - there's so much to do on such a tiny island.  

Why do we love it?

  • Tobago is south of the hurricane belt
  • Empty beaches - and not a tower block hotel in sight
  • Fabulous snorkelling and scuba diving
  • Championship golf and fishing
  • An abundance of bird and wildlife
  • Known as ‘Robinson Crusoe’ island
  • Oldest protected rainforest in western hemisphere
  • No poisonous snakes or dangerous sharks
  • Coral reefs, manta rays, angel fish, wild parrots, 90p beers and ‘have you met the Queen?’ from the locals.
  • Wonderful local people - dignified, friendly and talented
  • Excellent and varied cuisine
  • It’s a round the year holiday destination - the ‘rainy season’ shouldn’t write it off
Hawksbill turtle

Hawksbill turtle, Tobago

Tobago wildlife and eco tourism

Because of its amazing wildlife, Tobago has been called 'The Galapagos of the West Indies'. We’ve been as single tourists, as couples, groups and with children. There are still parts of it left for us to discover, and we relish every trip.

Did you know that Tobago is only 7 miles wide and has the oldest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, and that it is the nesting place for the leatherback and hawksbill turtles? There is so much to do on this small island - even now there are many places and things we haven't done and can't wait to do on our visits.

Beautiful Tobago people

Beautiful people, Tobago




Something for everyone

There's so much to do on Tobago as well - for all the family. It ticks the boxes for scuba divers, snorkellers, pleasure trips, birdwatchers, heritage and art exhibitions, great culinary choices, fun festivals, music and entertainment. Even on this tiny island, there's plenty to do off the beach. Oh yes, the beaches. Have you ever been on holiday and found huge hotels lining every beach? Well, you won't find that in Tobago. There are no high rise hotels for starters. And it is perfectly possible, still, to find a beach to yourself for a morning swim or stroll. 


Tobago sunset

Tobago sunset

You'll love getting out and about and doing your own thing on this island. It's a special place we know you'll fall in love with, just as we have.